In nomine Dantis. the 'National Middle Ages' and the reconstruction of the city

Architecture in Florence between the 19th and 20th centuries, from the centre to the outskirts.
English Version

Between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the myth of Dante, father of the Italian language, became also the symbol of a Middle Ages revisited in a national key; this “Medieval Revival” spread to Florence and Tuscany, marking indelibly the architectural face of the city, in the center and in the new suburbs.

The video narrates the story of this trend, exemplified above all by the reconstruction of Dante's House (of which the Historical Archive preserves the documentation) and by the series of “Dante's style” architectural restorations and interpretations.

Video created by Gabriella Carapelli and made by Massimo Becattini (Art documentary films). Soundtrack, Hymn to Dante by Renato Brogi, performed by the Music School of Fiesole (students of the class of Maestro Umberto Chiummo: Alessia Gelichi, soprano; Davide Sodini, bass baritone and Sergio Costa at the piano).

English version: Heather MacKay Roberts, William Roberts

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